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Headquartered in Florence, South Carolina, we aren’t your typical payment processing company. At Swipe Payment Solutions, you can expect flexible pricing, accuracy, and integrity. We are dedicated to not only providing reliable and affordable services, but making sure your business receives the best and easiest accessible customer support within the payments industry. We are the processing company you’ve been looking for.

      Cash Discount Program

Swipe Payment Solutions offers a compliant and easy to use cash discount program that can save you up to 100% of your recurring credit card processing bill regardless of how much you process at your business monthly.  It works simply by posting a required disclosure stating that a small service percentage is added to all store sales. The service fee is automatically discounted to cash and check paying customers and card paying customers pay the posted percentage increase, which is typically a very small increase in the price of your goods or services. When the terminal settles out at the end of the day, you receive 100% of your sales on a next day funding schedule and the service fee accumulates in a separated account throughout the month.  Your recurring processing costs no longer get deducted from your business bank account, they simply come out of the separated account that holds the service fees from the month of processing. The result is that your card processing bill is completely diverted and you simply pay $15.00 per month with no other costs EVER!

Save 100% on Processing Fees!

Free Equipment, No Contracts,

Amazing South Carolina based local service.

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At Swipe Payment Solutions, you are more than just a merchant, you are our valued partner and we are here to answer your questions and troubleshoot with you every step of the way.  Contact us today to get started. We are a service based company that actually believes in service first and sales second.


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