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Process cards at your business for $5.00 per month  with no other costs ever.

Swipe Payment Solutions makes it easy to cut the cord on the card processing bill at your business. No gimmicks, no equipment costs, no equipment leasing, just flat $5.00 per month with no other costs ever.

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How our program works

Swipe Payment Solutions offers a 50 State compliant and easy to use cash discount program that can save you 100% of your recurring credit card processing bill.  It works simply by automatically adding a small service fee to card purchases. The service fee is automatically discounted to cash transactions, so your customers continue to enjoy your current pricing. When the terminal settles out at the end of the day, you receive 100% of your sales on a next day funding schedule and the service fee accumulates in a separate account throughout the month.  The costs to accept cards at your business no longer get deducted from your bank account, they simply come out of the separated account that holds the service fees from the month of processing. The result is that your card processing bill is completely diverted and you simply pay $5.00 per month with no other costs EVER!

Pay just $5.00 per month!
Free Equipment No Contracts
Let us help you grow your business through savings!


Ready to apply?

Application process

1. Complete our application here:

2. Wait for your free card terminals to arrive in 1 to 2 business days.

3. Swipe will reach out to you to schedule your installation and training.

4. Once installed, you are free to start saving on your card processing costs immediately

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